The Judah Edition is a professional consultancy company that specialises in providing expert advice, editorial skills and multimedia storytelling. The Judah Edition is based in London and was founded by Tim Judah and Rosie Whitehouse, both journalists, authors and broadcasters with over thirty years of experience, having begun their careers at the BBC.

We are dedicated to in-depth reportage, detailed dispatches and the clear communication of information and ideas. We have an international reputation in producing content across the media landscape, through a wide range of multimedia platforms thanks to our innovative and in-depth research and investigation techniques. Our key areas are writing articles, books and reports. Our remit also covers presenting and producing, media consulting and representing authors.

Now a family run business, we are not afraid to tackle difficult subjects, emerging events and under-reported stories from around the globe. From the orderly ranks of North Korea to the chaos of refugee camps in Darfur, our team has put their lives on the line to produce hard-hitting reports.

We have an ability to gain exclusive and intimate access through our network of contacts, languages and training which gives us a more nuanced understanding of complex issues currently in and behind the headlines. From the unreported to the under-reported, we focus predominantly on current affairs and travel.